Wellness Exams

At Village Veterinary Clinic, we’re big believers in preventative medicine. We would rather see your healthy pet once a year to make sure everything’s all right, instead of having to cure your pet once it’s contracted a disease. Pet wellness exams include a wide variety of small checkups, all combined to make sure your dog or cat’s overall health is good. If we do find signs of any impending illness, it’s usually early enough for us to provide effective treatment. As a bonus, like anything else, preventative maintenance is much less expensive than fixing a problem once it occurs.

Parts of a Pet Wellness Examination

When you bring your pet into our office, one of our veterinarians will give your furry family member a complete nose-to-tail checkup consisting of many parts, including:

  • Weighing and measuring to look for signs of growing obesity
  • Pet dental exam, including your pet’s teeth, tongue, gums, and mouth
  • Vaccinations including core and needed non-core vaccines
  • Checking for fleas, ticks, mites, and other parasites
  • Parasite prevention medication

If your pet is less than one year old, we’ll have it into our office four times in the first year, to give a series of juvenile pet vaccinations. We’ll also discuss spaying or neuter your pet as early as possible. These procedures are not only important to prevent unwanted litters, they also completely eliminate certain cancers and other problems in both cats and dogs.

Our Veterinarians: Your Pet’s Health Coach

All of our experienced veterinarian staff is dedicated to helping family pets live happy and healthy lifestyles. Every time you bring your pet into our office, we’ll consult with you about its behavior, interactions with family members, and any problems that might concern you. We’re always available to help you learn things like how to brush your pet’s teeth, the best way to care for your pet’s claws, how to care for your pet’s coat, and what to do when your pet starts getting older. From its first visit at six weeks of age to senior care trips when your pet’s muzzle is gray, our veterinarians will help you guide you to care for your pet through its entire life.

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