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Pet Ear Infections: Types, Symptoms, & Treatment

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As your trusted veterinarians in Burke, VA, we are proud to provide a wide range of services for your family pets. Preventative wellness exams are the foundation of our practice and allow us to catch chronic conditions like ear infections early on. Whether your family pet is in need of their annual wellness exam or you’re interested in dermatology care, emergency pet services and more – our friendly and experienced team is here to help!

Treatment for Ear Infections in Dogs and Cats

A dog or cat ear infection is typically caused by a build-up of bacteria or yeast in the inner ear. Other contributing factors to this common condition include excessive hair, ear mites, allergies, foreign bodies and more. Because the shape of your pet’s ear canal is mostly vertical, unlike our own, moisture and debris are much more likely to become trapped and result in a bothersome cat or dog ear infection.

If you notice signs of itchy ears, it’s important to attempt to examine their ears more closely. Some of the other warning signs of a severe ear infection in your pet include:

  • Odor in the ear
  • Redness and swelling
  • A brown, yellow or bloody discharge from the ear
  • Hair loss near the ear
  • Scabs or crust forming on the inside of the outer ear area
  • Rubbing the ear on the floor or repeated head shaking/head tilting
  • Loss of balance
  • And more

Certain dog breeds are more prone to ear infections, so if you have a dog that has allergies or non-erect outer ears, you need to pay close attention to their inner ear health.

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While they can be painful and uncomfortable for your family pets, ear infections can usually be treated rather quickly and effectively by cleaning the ears, administering topical and/or oral medications and/or bathing them with medicated shampoos. Interested in learning more about treatments for pet ear infections?

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