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Our Vet’s Top 5 Most Common Pet Problems

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We see a lot of different pets at Village Veterinary Clinic, and we treat every one of them as family. Our top priority is to resolve any issue as quickly as possible. It’s our hope that the majority of questions and issues you experience with your pet will not require urgent care, but we are here to help diagnose and treat your pet — like the family they are!

We know you have lots of questions about your pet, and that’s why we’ve created this quick overview of the most common pet problems we see.

Dental Problems:

Our pets often experience dental aches and pains, but we typically only see these issues when they become more severe. You can avoid many of the most common dental issues by practicing regular home dental care. Home dental care can include brushing your pet’s teeth, providing dental specific diets and/or treats, offering dentifrice-impregnated chews, oral rinses or a combination of these items. Bringing your pet in for regular dental check-ups and researching the food and the toys you buy your pet to make sure they are of high-quality and safe will also help promote good dental health.


It’s not easy to determine right away if there is a more serious problem when you notice that your pet is limping. These symptoms may point to something as simple as a sprain or strained muscle. Limping can also be a sign of an injured knee, hip or other joint, onset of arthritis, or other. It could also be linked to the age of your pet. Like any family member, aches and pains can catch up to us all.

Skin Issues:

In our area dermatologic problems are very common. Symptoms such as generalized irritation and itching, rashes, hot spots, and thinning hair on your pet can be troubling and could be associated with any number of environmental factors, including sensitivities to food, shampoos, flea bites, grass and tree pollens. Skin issues can also be related to ringworm, mange, the presence of mites and bacterial infections, to name a few.


We’ve all had a pet that experienced diarrhea. It can be a mess! While it’s easy enough to say that it’s probably because of what was eaten, diarrhea can develop due to a host of other factors such as stress, intestinal parasites, a sudden change in diet, irritable bowel syndrome etc. Fortunately, with proper diagnosis of, and treatment for diarrhea, it can be resolved rather quickly.

Urinary Tract Issues:

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are painful, but easily treatable in your pet. UTI’s may present in a number of ways . You may notice your pet straining to urinate, stopping frequently to urinate, or voiding small amounts of urine at a time. Your pet may whimper when urinating. Other symptoms of a UTI can include the presence of blood in the urine, dark colored and/or especially strong smelling urine, and increased thirst. He or she may experience straining, whimpering or pain when urinating.

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