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Keeping Your Pets Safe from Fleas & Ticks

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A dog or cat with a flea or tick problem is likely to suffer from distressful symptoms. To obtain proper flea and tick prevention, contact Village Veterinary Clinic in Burke to meet with our veterinarian. Here is some information about preventing these pests and how our vet can help.

The Symptoms Of A Flea Or Tick Problem

There are a few signs that indicate your pet is suffering from a parasite problem. Fleas are tiny, black insects that crawl through your pet’s fur. If you notice your pet is scratching at their coat often, part their fur so the skin is exposed. Look for these insects or for small black specks, which are the excrement from these parasites. If either is noticed, treatment is required. Ticks look like small, flat beetles. After they adhere to a pet, they become swollen in appearance. A pet with several ticks requires help to have them removed properly.

How To Avoid Fleas And Ticks At Home

Make sure to keep your lawn trim so insects are less likely to harbor themselves in areas where they are not visible. Check your pet’s coat for fleas and ticks before heading into your home so you can remove them with a flea comb or pair of tweezers promptly. If possible, treat your lawn with a pest control substance to keep these parasites at bay. If your pet does have fleas or ticks, it is important to treat the interior of your home to remove insects and eggs. Vacuum often and launder bedding in hot water.

See Our Veterinarian For Help

Our veterinarian will provide your pet with treatment if they become infested with fleas or ticks. This is usually given as a topical solution and it can be reapplied every month to protect your pet from future outbreaks.

Call Village Veterinary Clinic Today!

Contact Village Veterinary Clinic in Burke for flea and tick prevention help. Our veterinarian will discuss the importance of protecting your pet against parasites and will assist in eradicating existing insects if needed. Reach us at 703-978-8655.

COVID Notice

When you arrive for your appointment, please call our office at 703-978-8655. At this time, we require anyone visiting the office to be fully vaccinated and properly wear a mask. Additionally, we ask that only one person accompany their pet.

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