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Happy Cat Month in September

By January 17, 2020April 7th, 2022No Comments

Celebrating the Joys of Cats

Given that September is Happy Cat Month, it only seems appropriate to celebrate all the joy and wonder that cats can bring to a home. Our team at Village Veterinary Clinic is here to make sure that everyone in Burke understands the joys that cats can bring. The best way to celebrate Happy Cat Month is by making sure all cats receive appropriate care from a trained veterinarian.

Cats Aren’t as Independent as You Might Think

Even though most cats don’t run around begging for attention like dogs do, they still need love and attention from their owners. Cats groom themselves, don’t need supervision to eliminate waste, and can seem perfectly content being left alone, but that doesn’t mean they’re entirely self-sufficient. Cats need just as much help caring for their health as dogs do. From regular tooth and gum cleanings to dealing with internal parasites, cats can find themselves in a lot of danger if left to fend for themselves.

Take Happy Cat Month as an opportunity to provide your cat with all of the necessary veterinary care he needs to live a happy, healthy life.

Contact Village Veterinary Clinic Today to Make an Appointment

These are only a few of the many joys that cats can bring to a home. All cats need to have access to appropriate healthcare. That is where the team from Village Veterinary Clinic is here to help. At the Village Veterinary Clinic, we are here to serve the pets of the Burke area. Our veterinarian team has the training and expertise to make sure that every pet is happy and healthy. Call us today at to make an appointment!

COVID Notice

When you arrive for your appointment, please call our office at 703-978-8655. At this time, we require anyone visiting the office to be fully vaccinated and properly wear a mask. Additionally, we ask that only one person accompany their pet.

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