About Us

Our Family

Many of our clientele have been with us from the beginning, and their children and pets have demonstrated the same loyalty. Our staff of skilled, caring veterinary professionals knows our clientele well and is dedicated to addressing the unique concerns of each pet and pet owner. We see our clients not as customers, but as part of our Village Vet family.

Our Specialties

Village Veterinary Clinic is a primary care provider for the Fairfax County Police Canine Corps. The dogs we work with are primarily trained to sniff out criminals, drugs, and explosives, which involves very intensive training and 24/7 companionship with their handlers. Our responsibility is to keep these dogs in top working condition and be available at a moment’s notice should they become ill or injured. It has been an extremely rewarding experience for the doctors and staff to be an integral partner with the Canine Corps.

Additionally, Village Veterinary Clinic cares for a wide variety of wildlife, brought to us by county animal control officers, as well as private citizens and licensed wildlife rehabilitators.

Community Involvement

At Village Veterinary Clinic, we love our community and strive to give back. We have partnered with many area rescue groups, providing wellness care, vaccinations, and surgical services to pets in foster care. We have supported athletic teams and events, school theatre and musical groups, all-night grad parties, shelter or rescue group fundraisers, donated goods and services for silent auctions, participated in community pot-luck dinners, and more.

In recent years Village Veterinary Clinic helped sponsor several international veterinary mission trips to Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. Dr. Lonam and Anne participated on each trip, along with a team of other veterinarians, technicians, and volunteers, to provide free medical and surgical care to pets and families who otherwise could not afford veterinary services.